Quick start guide

To use this apps your system must have NodeJS, cordova and Ionic installed on your machine.


  1. Install NodeJS : First, make sure that NodeJS is installed on your computer. If NodeJS is not installed, please install the 8.x version of NodeJS. For more information about the NPM packages Ionic uses, refer to “Using NPM” section of Ionic official documentation.

  2. Cordova and Ionic This is a Cordova and Ionic based application, so Cordova and Ionic should be installed on your computer for this application to run. Since this app targets iPhone and Android mobile devices, your environment should be properly configured and the corresponding SDK should be installed. If not you will be still able to run the application into a Browser (in this case Natives Features wouldn't works !). In order to install Ionic SDK for the creation/running of Ionic projects, run the command:

$ npm install -g ionic

In order to install Cordova, run the command:

$ npm install -g cordova

For more information, please, check the “Getting Started with Ionic” sections in the official Ionic website.

Please check this youtube video in order to install & setup Ionic.


In the sections that follow, we will demonstrate the process of preparing your environment and running the project for the first time. First your need to Install project libraries.

Open a terminal window and navigate to the project source directory. And run the following command:

$ npm install

Run the application (after the first-time preparations)

  • Run on local development server ( WEB )

First you need to Navigate to the project source directory and run the application in the browser by taping this command on your command line:

$ ionic serve --lab

NOTE: Not all natives features will works unless if you run the apps on an EMULATOR or on a REAL DEVICE, check the instruction bellow to run the apps on Android & IOS devices.