Build Android version


To Build an Android version of this app you must have Android SDK installed on your computer using the steps bellow :

  1. Make sure the Android SDK and the ant build tool are available on your system. The Android SDK is available Here. Both the android and ant tools must be available in your path. To test your configuration, you should be able to execute both android and ant from the command line. Please check this video on how to setup Android SDK.

  2. After you have installed the SDK, open the command line, and make sure you are inside the project folder

  3. Add support for the Android platform by running this command :

$ ionic cordova platform add android


After you've add android platform to your project, you can choose either to run the app on an emulator or an Android device.

To run on an emulator :

$ ionic cordova emulate android


To run your app on a real device , all you have to do is enable USB debugging and Developer Mode on your Android device, then run from your command line :

$ ionic cordova run android --device


To build the APK file for the project, run the following command from your command line :

ionic cordova build android

NOTE : if you have any problem during building this app for Android or IOS, you can check the official DOCS from IONIC for deploying an Ionic App, Or you can check this Tutorial.